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Koffeeware photo e-commerce services and applications allow you to build your online business.

Photo dedicated e-commerce platform.
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Photo e-commerce solution

Online creation of any photo product.
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Photo e-commerce solution

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Photo e-commerce solution

Koffeeware develops and provides cutting edge technologies and web to print e-commerce solutions dedicated to online photo related services such as photo finishers, pure players or any web site requiring some photo publishing capabilities.

Photo dedicated e-commerce

Photo Web Shop covers all personalization aspects of photo web shops (front-, middle- and back-office) as well as the integration, the deployment, the hosting and the maintenance of a fully customized photo solution.
Photo Web Shop allows for a wide range of photo products with numerous personalization possibilities. Koffeeware may also take care of the customization of the photo web shop in order to perfectly match with the customer's graphical identity.

Online creation of products

Creator Five provides for online ordering of a wide range of photo publishing products such as photo books, collages, agendas, calendars, cards, photo gifts, T-shirts, mugs, phone covers, etc.. When suitable, each range of products can be completed with a set of templates for easy and straightforward product customization.
This procedure benefits from the fully integrated photo upload process simplifying the upload of large amount of files and lowering the technical obstacles.

Cloud infrastructure

Photo Web Shop completely relies on a cloud based infrastructure. Such an infrastructure offers numerous advantages in terms of security, reliability, availability, scalability and speed.
From the customer perspective, this infrastructure allows for optimized costs thanks to the SaaS model.
From the end user perspective, this infrastructure allows for optimized upload speeds.