HTML5 powered photo suite launched by Koffeeware

Strasbourg, France - 7 june 2013 - Koffeeware announces the launch of Creator Five, its HTML5 powered suite of online B2B photo products customization services. Creator Five enables photo e-commerce websites with creative, fun, fast customization and upload features.

Koffeeware tools offer to easily add photo customization tools to any e-commerce web site. How does HTML5 change the game? To make it simple, using HTML5 powered tools, users can create and customize products using nothing more than their web browser.

  • No more plug-in (no Air, no Flash, no Java, no Silverlight, nothing to download or install
  • Instant access to the application
  • Wide support of browsers and touchscreen devices including iOS and Android products
  • Support of all kinds of customizable products: photobooks, cards, fun products, collages, canvas, calendars, phone covers, etc.
  • Customizable application look and feel

Creator Five developments were led with user friendliness in mind in order to bring fun in the photo product creation process.

Creator Five introduces a completely reworked end-user interface: easier, funnier and more powerful. New features include: multitouch gestures, advanced creative filters, smart themes, support for all 600+ Google webfonts, never-upload-the-same-picture-twice technology, online sharing, import of pictures from social networks.

The Koffeeware HTML5 photo tools are available in SaaS mode for easy integration into any third party ordering system. While Koffeeware will integrate these tools into its current set of products, Koffeeware is also open in providing this technology to third party companies.

First web sites running this new environment will be switched to production in June 2013.

For a complete list of features, please visit our web site at:

About Koffeeware

Founded in October 2005 and privately held, Koffeeware develops and provides cutting edge technologies and solutions dedicated to online photofinising services such as photofinishers, pure players or any web site requiring some photo file management capabilities. for a one-stop-shopping, Koffeeware provide its Koffeeware Photo Web Shop all-in-one photo e-commerce solution.
Koffeeware has received various distinctions for its innovative technologies and is backed by public innovation supporting funds such as OSEO and private investors such as the Grenoble Angels.

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