Launch of two new Koffeeware powered photo e-commerce services

Strasbourg, France - 17 may 2012 - Koffeeware announces the delivery of two new web sites dedicated to online sales of photo products. The german and the belgian web sites are a perfect illustration of the customization capabilities provided by the Koffeeware solution.

Thus, although being based on a common photo dedicated e-commerce platform provided by Koffeeware, each web site features a comprehensive customization. This customization obviously covers the graphical interface but also the product catalogue which is specific to each customer as well as the connection to photofinishing infrastructure. One of these customers runs photofinishing internally when the second customer runs a fully outsources photofinishing.

The Cloud Computing architecture on which the Koffeeware solution runs allows for great flexibility and scalability.

The myfotofactory service is available from

The netprint service is available from

About Koffeeware

Founded in October 2005 and privately held, Koffeeware develops and provides cutting edge technologies and solutions dedicated to online photofinising services such as photofinishers, pure players or any web site requiring some photo file management capabilities. for a one-stop-shopping, Koffeeware provide its Koffeeware Photo Web Shop all-in-one photo e-commerce solution.
Koffeeware has received various distinctions for its innovative technologies and is backed by public innovation supporting funds such as OSEO and private investors such as the Grenoble Angels.

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